Why should you delegate to PUMP?

We are commited to the Cardano network regardless of price. HODL!

24/7 Uptime

Alongside our block producer node, we have created 3 reliable relay nodes to ensure minimum latency 100% uptime for many years to come. All nodes have at least 8GB RAM, 160 SSD, and 4TB transfer to manage scalability with ease. We promise immediate and full transparency (regarding any fee, server, or update changes) to our delegators.

Distributed nodes

Our pool is run using four virtual private machines, three relays and one block producer distributed across different data centers in the United States, Asia, and Europe. As a result, our pool will not miss a block if one relay becomes redundant (e.g. during maintenance/ upgrades). We will not miss staking rewards from the Cardano proof-of-stake protocol.

Maximum Security

Our nodes are expensive but they ensure maximum efficiency and security. We use triple security measures (mobile authenticator, private key, and password) to secure all nodes. If you are worried about losing ADA by staking, don't be, the tokens never leave your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet. There is a reason why 73% of circulating ADA is staked.

WHAT WE OFFER our delegators

Delegate your ADA using either a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet – ADA delegation tutorials can be found on YouTube.

Consistent technical and pool-related updates
We will share the latest news to keep delegators up to date
Giving back to our delegators is a priority

our timeline

Time isn't the only thing, it's the main thing - Miles Davis

Our Team

A Cardano Enthusiast, Quant, and Consultant



Lead Operator



Lead Developer



Lead Strategist

Ethan is attending university as a business major and is working as an M&A analyst this summer. Moriz is also attending university as a business major but has a background in computer science and legal studies. Rob has had a few years in the finance industry and is currently a financial consultant. While we wish we could share more details regarding our individual backgrounds, we are limited by the damage that public knowledge can create within the cryptocurrency space. We can assure you that each of us is talented and we all attended top universities worldwide. What matters most is that we are dedicated to running this pool and keeping our delegators happy.


Contact Us

Telegram is what we use to update our delegators. If you have any questions regarding the pool, they can be answered in the Telegram chat. Join the chat by clicking the Telegram icon below!